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Raw Material and Production

Our high quality products are being manufactured with laboratory works and suitable raw material procurement.

The needed raw material wheat for our production is provided predominantly from Thrace region and from several regions of our country by being choosed meticulously as to their qualities and classifies by our providers.The raw material which is supplied from abroad is delivered to the Tekirdağ Harbour via seaway by foreign trade companies and being delivered from harbour which is just 2 kms away,to our factory via road haulage.Furthermore the raw material which has imported from abroad is subjected to several quality control processes before and after the purchasing.The raw material is not allowed to enter in to factory before completing its analysing.With the help of the searchers 1.5-2 kgs samples are taken from the dispatched wheat by our laboratory stuff. The taken samples are subjected to some quality tests like; medicated grain,insect,crashed grain,sunn pest, refuse of a sieve,hectolitre,moisture,gluten,gluten index,falling number,sedimentation, pharyngograph, extensograph in the laboratory which is based with the aim of determining wheat quality,features and sorts, in our factory. Consedering all of these laboratory analyses the purchased raw material is classified according to the intended use and features, and stored.All of these analyses on wheat gives information about which silo the wheat will be take in,what kind of blending will be prepared, cementation water and needing of cementation time,and the possible output which will be taken from wheat.

Our production is being accomplished by blended with meticulously chosen wheat kinds within the framework of ISO-9001:2000 Quality Management System and HACCP Food Safety Management System

In different qualified and featured wheats' mixture rates are being adjusted in blending units by our laboratory stuff according to wanted flour's features, and transmitted to cleaning and washing section to the wheat washing process.

For cleaning the wheat;the wheat must be primarily subjected to good sifting and cleaning process for the qualified and healthy flour production.

The wheat is seperated from cracked wheats, foreign matters,rough dregs in the cleaning units.The small stones in the wheat are seperated in the stone separator machine.Foreign matters' physical and chemical contents are different from the wheat's,thus foreign matters which may vitiate product's colour,compound and quality should be removed.

For an easier and qualified grinding process,the wheat grain is became avaliable condition for grinding by increasing the moisture content of wheat grain up to the desired level.The crust is given softness and flexibility with cementation process.The wheats which failed to reach the desired moisture content level, causes several problems during the grinding process.The enough time riped,cleaned, and washed wheat arrives to the rolls which the grinding process will be taken place and grinding process begins.The grinding process is taken place with the help of the speed difference between balls of roll and "nothces-rabbets".

**The main product flour and the byproduct bran in several sizes,which arrive to grinding and reduction rolls are always under control during the grinding process.The production takes place without human touch in hygienic conditions.**

The grinded wheat in rolls,arrives to the sieves with several pores with the help of air operated system.In this stage the byproducts which are seperated from the flour are classified according to their sizes in sieves and according to their densities in semolina SASÖR and regrinned.This process continues until the bran seperated from flour.

The produced flour is classified according to features and types and stored in flour silos.For obtaining a homogeneous product;the blending process is taken place during the transferring process to silos.

Except of the quality control tests, our endproduct flour is subjected to the tests like; sensory analyses (Colour, Smell, Foreign matters...etc.),Moisture,Gluten,DryGluten,Index,FallingNumber,Sedimentation,Pharinograph,Extensograph,Ash Analyses in our laboratory.And in the parallel of the analyses some bread works are being taken place in our LALE EKMEK bakery which our company is owned.

The produced flour after the meticulously followed; production,laboratory and bakery works, is being presented to our customers by our marketing and sales units.Our company has became assertive especially in the breadstuff Type 550 product category

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The world's most produced and consumed food source; bread has a long story from field to our dining tables.

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The world's most produced and consumed food source; bread has a long story from field to our dining tables.

Our Certificates
HACCP, ISO 9001-2000, Gıda Sicil, Tip 550, Tip 650

Lale Un, with its registered product quality standarts, has been always the first choice brand for long years.

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